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Welcome to Home to Walnut Grove Dental in Duncanville, TX

         Walnut Grove Dental exists to be a place of healing, hope and encouragement! We understand that there are many reasons that people put off dental care.  Our goal is to help you address these issues and make dentistry “do-able” for you.  From your first phone call, we want you to know that we see you as an individual.

         Dr. Beverly Deacon and our amazing team will explain your oral health conditions and our recommendations using digital x-rays and an intraoral camera.  This way you can literally see exactly what is going on in your mouth.  We take great pride in having patients who are well-informed, healthy, and happy.  Walnut Grove Dental is oriented towards long-term relationships.  We value each of our patients, their needs, their questions and their concerns.  As a team we seek to spend the time necessary to understand what your goals are for your dental health.

Making Time Work For You

         We try to help you fit dentistry into your schedule by using old-fashioned personal serve combined with state-of-the-art technology.  One example of honoring your schedule is offering Cerec Same Day Crowns.  This saves you a return visit. Dr. Deacon performs root canals using the latest technique which is more accurate as well as more efficient.  This allows Dr. Deacon to complete most root canals in a single visit.  It is common for a patient at Walnut Grove Dental to complete a root canal as well as a crown all in one morning away from their workplace!  The latest time-saving technology available at Walnut Grove Dental is Teeth in a Day.  This technique moves a patient from their deteriorated oral condition into implant-supported dentures with one surgery.  If this is a life change you are ready for, don’t wait another day to call us.

Making Money Work For You

         We are certainly aware that dentistry is expensive.  So we do all we can help our patients make their dental care fit into their lifestyle financially.  Shannon is not only our office manager, but also our financial coordinator.  For our patients with dental insurance, she will help you understand and maximize your insurance benefits each year.  As an alternative to insurance, we offer the Walnut Grove Discount Plan.  Also, many patients find Care Credit extremely beneficial, offering 12 month interest free options.

Making Dental Treatment Work For You

         If visions of the dental office make you hesitant to seek needed treatment or even routine cleanings, you are not alone!  The latest research states that up to 75% of adults in America experience some level of dental anxiety today.  We don’t take it personally!  In fact, as dental professionals, we here at Walnut Grove Dental are very concerned, understanding, and supportive.  From the use of oraquix numbing gel for cleaning procedures to actual conscious oral sedation, we have technology to assist you but nothing will ever replace good old-fashioned TLC and hand-holding!

We offer comprehensive dental services, such as:

         Come experience personalized care in a friendly, nurturing, private practice environment that earns your trust and exceeds your expectations!  Call or email us today!